Baby Portraits

Wendy loves to bring out the joy and character of your baby at this magical time. A stunning portrait will capture that precious age forever.

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Family Portraits

As the family grows and develops you will want to capture the essence that makes it truly unique and special. Wendy will compose and capture the perfect image that reflects the warmth and character of your family.

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Family Portraits

Photography for furry people

At Empathy Photos, we realise that pets are a valuable part of your family and home. We capture your pet's own unique personality and presence. Portraits can be of individual pets, various pets combined, or even pets and family together!

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Pet Portraits


Remember your kids while they still know everything (well, at least while they think they do!) Whether we are capturing the special bond of siblings or the dynamic of treasured friendships, our portraits will become a prized keepsake of those precious formative years.

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Teen Portraits

Amazing Nature Photography

When not creating stunning portraits, Wendy explores images from the natural world. Beautiful and fascinating images of animals, insects, plants and landscapes make up a rich array that mark and celebrate the wonder of nature.

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Nature Photography

MYC-logo-500pwPhotography Classes

By demand Wendy now also offers friendly small group Photography Classes in Blackburn or one on one camera tuition to learn to use your digital camera for better pictures at any level.

Please visit our new Master Your Camera website.



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Empathy Photos

The Children’s Portrait Specialist


Children’s Portraits, baby portraits, family photography and pet photography – for me, the thrill of capturing their elusive spirit is addictive.

The Joy of capturing the essence of a child or the spirit of the family makes photographing portraits truly rewarding


My pleasure is to see the look of delight on the peoples’ faces as they receive their finished portraits. It is priceless.



Photography is my passion – my creative expression. Whether it is the mood of a pristine landscape, the texture and colour of flower petals, the shimmer of light on the wings of an insect or the sparkle in a child’s eye, I endeavour to capture that essence

All my portraits are created to look beautiful and natural showing your Personality and Spirit


We also photograph: Pregnancy, Newborns, Babies, Teens, Families, Groups, Multi Generation Portraits, Quality Passport Photos,

Business Portraits, Graduation Portraits and more.


Teaching Photography


I now am passing on my many years of experience by teaching people how to use their digital cameras. Once they are familiar with using the features of their camera, I can teach them how to see the light and capture truly beautiful images. Have a look under photo courses.

Kids and Pets Project

I have a project titled Kids and Pets. The portraits are in the galleries in the children section as well as the pets section. If you wish to be part of this project where I endeavour to catch the love between children and their pets

(the more unusual the pet the better), please contact me.



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